Psst! A fix for us indies for NY’s primaries

The NY primary is April 19. NY State primaries are closed; they are for registered major party voters only.

Let’s say you wanted to switch party affiliations in order to vote for Sanders in the Democratic primary. I learned today that you would have had to make that change sometime in March 2015. That’s right, March of 2015!! 

This ludicrous fact was explained to me today in an unhurried call to the Queens Board of Elections. The experienced board of elections worker who preferred not to give her name, added in a lowered voice: “We don’t tell this to everyone but…….”

 She then shared with me a 2 step work around that should enable me to vote in this year’s primary though I’m currently registered with the Green Party. Here’s how:

There is a law guaranteeing a voter has the right to REMOVE ONESELF FROM THE POLLING LISTS, in effect, the right to cancel one’s registration.  This can only be done by mailing a signed letter including one’s name, address and date of birth to your board of elections requesting your name be removed from the polling lists. She advised calling to double check a couple days later.  Then one can register like a brand new voter choosing a different party affiliation that would permit one to vote in the primaries.

Voter reg forms can be downloaded here but need to be mailed in.

To look up your voting status:

The trick is all this MUST happen by/before MARCH 25.

Do you not get the feeling that NY State law is carefully designed and tweaked every election cycle to DISCOURAGE IF NOT OUTRIGHT PREVENT MASS PARTICIPATION?

Again, the NY State primary this year takes place on Tues. APRIL 19, 2016. I’ve just mailed in my letter. Good luck to us!


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