Newborn KnowHow About to be Born

Excited to be participating in Barbara Sher’s Write Speak Telesummit this weekend.

Cry No More: Secrets to End Infant Crying
Mini workshop on Newborn KnowHow
Speaker: Ina Bransome, IBCLC, Creator, Newborn KnowHow
New babies have a reputation for long bouts of inconsolable crying. Unfair & Unnecessary! When their needs are recognized & met, babies notice & purr with gratitude!
In this mini-workshop, we’ll
• Uncover a baby’s basic unrecognized need
• Learn their single most universal positional preference
• Apply this to holding and handling baby
Bring your curiosity, pen and paper and a baby, doll or stuffed animal!

Through in-person & Skype sessions, parents are gaining the skills & confidence to enjoy early infancy with their baby.

Coming in 2017 Newborn KnowHow app. This will be the world’s greatest gift for a new parent! Contact:

Ina Bransome IBCLC Mobile: 646-708-5427 Email:


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