End Newborn Tears!

Cry No More: Newborn KnowHow Can End Newborn Crying

Free 30 min Talk with Ina Bransome IBCLC followed by brief Q&A

RSVP  inazbeing@gmail.com

Presenter: Ina Bransome IBCLC, PCD (DONA) From decades with thousands of newborns in their homes paying close quiet attention newborns taught me their universal preferences and now I can teach you!

When: (NY dates / times)

Fri Dec 9, 2016 at at 9 AM and  8 PM

Sun  Dec 11   11 AM and 9 PM

Thurs Dec 29 8 PM

How: Call 1-641-715-3610 Access Number: 324236#

Forward to pregnant friends, post to your FB groups! Forward to new parents, grandparents! All Welcome!

In this little taste of Newborn KnowHow we’ll

  • Expose 6 false beliefs that persist in our culture
  • Uncover newborns’ basic unrecognized need
  • Learn their dominant universal preference – to be Up & About!!
  • Hear of ways to hold, handle & be with baby to enjoy mutual calm together!


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