Cry No More: Learn Newborn KnowHow

Free 25 min Tele-Talk with Ina Bransome IBCLC, Creator, Newborn KnowHow


Presenter: Ina Bransome IBCLC, Board Certified in Lactation, PCD Certified Postpartum Doula (DONA)

Newborns Prefer Calm!! Newborns Just Want to Have Fun!! Find out how!

From decades paying quiet attention to newborns they showed me their universal preferences and now I can teach you!

Learn about The Everything Position, The Respectful Put-Down, The Zen of Burping and so much more. Consider giving a Newborn KnowHow session as a gift to expectant friends!

When: (NY dates / times)

WedJan 11 9 PM

Sat Jan 15  9 PM

Wed  Jan 18  8 PM

Sat Jan 21 9 PM


How: Call 1-641-715-3610 Access Number: 324236#

Forward to pregnant friends, post to your FB groups! Forward to new parents, grandparents! All Welcome!


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