The injustice of “just this”: women’s work

“Women’s work is never done” partly because when we see something, we do something! Something that needs just a bit of doing, that needs care, that can be at least started, or that just needs finishing…….our body compels us: Just do it! Do this one thing and then I’ll get to what I set out to do.

Examples are rife! I know you know what I mean. But just to show you:

I want to do some writing. But first: I’ll just do the dishes in the sink. Get that out of the way. No wait! Didn’t you promise yourself that you’d never do dishes without putting on your synergy spanish audio lessons? Yes, but let me just get this “out of the way” first, my inner prodder insists.  But hadn’t you decided to start the laundry “meanwhile”? Well, yes, but first let me just get this done? The habit of housework rules.

This, then that, then this. And there goes another morning full of promise and deliberate intentions…..but no remaining minutes.

When will we – yes, I am addressing women here- put our self-care and self-development first? Or at least somewhere near the top of the list?

I’ll answer that, but first……I just have to switch the clothes to the dryer 🙂